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Stainless steel tanks

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In addition to consumable liquids such as wine, distillates, beer, juices, cooking oils or other beverages and foodstuffs, our stainless steel containers are also used in other branches of industry, e.g. for storing paints and varnishes or more aggressive chemical liquids.

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Stainless steel tanks for wine, sparkling wine and distillates

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Stainless steel container for beer and mixed drinks

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Stainless steel container for juice, must and cider

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Stainless steel tanks for industrial applications

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The advantages of our tanks

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Winery Huber & Distillery Starlight, Indiana

A precious legacy

Customer story

Brewery Blank, Zwiefaltendorf, Germany

Brewery with its own dripstone cave

Customer story

Conscious production

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are evident not only in the stainless steel tanks we produce, but also in the way we manufacture them.

Sustainability at Speidel

Photovoltaic system on the roof of Speidel’s production hall

Our philosophy

As a Swabian family business, we live Made in Germany from start to finish. For over 100 years, we are building long-lasting, sustainable and user-friendly products.

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