Application Range

Wine-growing estates and wineries

Among German wine-growing estates Speidel was and is the undisputed number one. Thanks to the high-quality materials and solid workmanship of our products, winegrowers have appreciated our tanks for a long time. Even the cleaning of our products is pure pleasure!

Tanks for wine production

Sparkling wine

Our pressurised containers are primarily used in the production of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. Not everyone works as well under pressure as the pressurised containers from Speidel. Even opening a bottle of sparkling wine can be strenuous.

Sparkling wine production


When producers of schnapps, brandies and liqueurs come to Speidel, they find everything they have always desired: tank for transportation of fruits, mixing tanks as well as high-quality stainless steel tanks for further processing and storage.

Spirits and distillates


Our recipe for sugar dissolving and mixing containers such as the SO-Z is no secret: the best workmanship and perfect weld seams. But just like a good liqueur, you have to get it right first.

Liqueur production


Many customers, from local craft beer brewers to nationwide breweries, highly appreciate our products and their outstanding quality.

Tanks for breweries


Juice can be obtained from almost all organic substances. The most common types are fruit, fruit and vegetable juices. A real juice consists of 100 % fruit or vegetables, i.e. without additional dilution with water. In addition, good juices, like all other liquids, belong 100 % in Speidel tanks.

Tanks for juice

Cider and must

It goes without saying that you don't just pour the result of your work into any container. With a Speidel stainless steel container, you can give your must or cider (even under pressure) what it deserves in the tank, and save yourself the hassle of cleaning.

Cider making

Soft drinks

Whether it's cola, lemonade or energy drinks: The now common term "soft drinks" covers all soft drinks, most of which are flavoured and carbonated. Speidel provides you with the optimum solution for transport, storage and all other requirements.

Soft drinks production

Mixed drinks

Mixed drinks are often alcoholic drinks that are mixed with lemonade or fruit juices, which masks the flavour of the alcohol. Our tanks protect you from unpleasant surprises when storing or producing your mixed drinks.

Mixing drinks


Mashes are important in the production of alcoholic beverages. In the case of wine, these are crushed grapes before pressing, while in beer brewing they are mixtures containing starch and sugar. These become wine, beer or schnapps through fermentation, whereby starch is converted to sugar and sugar to alcohol. Speidel containers offer optimum space to support all types of mashes during their transformation.

Container for mash

Cooking oil

Edible oils are best kept in opaque containers. Refined and cold-pressed oils as well as seasoned oils oxidise at different rates. Our stainless steel containers are perfectly welded and absolutely leak-proof, ideal for the transport, storage and further processing of edible oils. Excellent oils should therefore be stored in Speidel containers.

Container for edible oils


Our stainless steel tanks are suitable for the production of foodstuffs such as chocolate, sauces, vinegar and cheese. Our containers are particularly ideal for liquid foods and as process tanks in food production, such as water tanks.

Tanks for foodstuffs


Our tanks can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. In addition to consumable liquids, Speidel stainless steel containers also handle paints and varnishes with ease. Quality and resistance are crucial for aggressive liquids. The smooth surface makes cleaning easy and residue-free.

Industrial applications

Plant construction

Anyone who plans and builds complete systems for beverage manufacturers has certainly heard of Speidel. For quality-conscious customers, there is no way around our high-quality containers anyway.

Solutions for plant construction