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As far as their industrial use is concerned, our tanks have an almost unlimited field of application. Besides the storage of consumable liquids, our stainless steel tanks also meet the requirements of colours and varnish. In case of aggressive liquids, the quality and durability of the tank they are stored in plays a decisive role. Our tanks' outstandingly smooth surfaces allow for the easy and complete removal of colours and varnish.

Speidel tanks can deal with any kind of liquid or bulk good. Our high-quality stainless steel tanks manage even the greatest challenges. Here are some examples of various sectors of industry that use Speidel tanks:

  • Coffee production
  • Food industry
  • Technology for bakeries
  • Cooking oil storage
  • Water technology
  • Waste water technology
  • Animal fat processing
  • Fish oil processing
  • Aroma production
  • Parquet floor maintenance production
  • Colour storage
  • Fragrance industry
  • Fire extinguishing foam storage