A cosmopolitan in Rheinhessen

Winery Peth-Wetz, Bermersheim, Germany

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A precious legacy

Winery Huber & Distillery Starlight, Indiana

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E plus E equals Two EE's

Winery Two EE's, Huntington, Indiana

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Full throttle is the only way

Winery Peter Briem, Ihringen-Wasenweiler, Germany

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Brewery with its own dripstone cave

Brewery Blank, Zwiefaltendorf, Germany

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Swabian care meets French esprit

Winery Zimmerle, Rems valley, Germany

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Let the wine live

Winery Drouhin, Beaune

»When we heard that Speidel also manufactures large systems, it was clear that we would be requesting them for the next modernization.«

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Winery Meyer

When the side job turns into success

“We started with six 1,000-litre tanks. Now we have the whole winery full of Speidel tanks.”

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A brave step

Mewstone Wines: from a challenging wine region to Australia’s best new winery.

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The Speidel showroom

Winery Deveney-Mars, France

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From ski wax inventor to surface specialist

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The most modern distillery in Europe

Distillery Lantenhammer, Hausham

»Best workmanship and no unnecessary gadgets, that's how I like it.«

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Everything is connected

Manufactory Jörg Geiger, Schlat

»High quality and a business relationship at eye level, that's what I like.«

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