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What our customers say

Satisfied customers is what we want and work for. Therefore, we are pleased about every feedback we get. The publication of the following statements has been authorised by the senders.

First-Class Quality

The new tank arrived at our company on Thursday. I would like to thank you and the Speidel company very much for the professional implementation and perfect execution. I am pleased to have found a partner who, like us, values first-class quality and implements it in the same way. The tank was installed next to our show distillery and is a feast for the eyes of our customers and visitors! Thank you once again!

Hannes Wakolm, Hofbauers Genussviertel, Bad Leonfelden Austria

Reliable cooperation

The cooperation with Speidel was very reliable. Despite difficult circumstances, the tanks were delivered on time. Kudos to the installers! They mounted the tanks fast and professionally.

Manfred Klohr, WG Weinbiet, Neustadt-Mußbach

Tanks made to perfection

We are happy to work with Speidel tanks. They are made to perfection. We also love their design and the top-quality weld seams. During the entire processing of our order, Speidel worked in a very correct and reliable manner.

Herr Keller, Weingut Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler

My favorite tanks

Speidel tanks are my favourite tanks. I only store the best wines in them.

Jochen Sahler, Winzerverein Hagnau, Hagnau am Bodensee

Completely satisfied

The execution during the entire project was perfect. I am completely satisfied with the tanks.

Ulrich Kern, Weinkellerei Kern, Kernen im Remstal

Big potential savings

Speidel tanks are no-problem tanks. We can clean them with only half the effort (time, temperature, cleaning agents) that we used to clean other tanks with. In the long run, for a business of a size like ours, this means big potential savings.

Dieter Beil, WG Heilbronn, Heilbronn

Thank you!

I would like to thank you again for all your efforts and help in matters of the consignment of my container!

Lothar Schlegel, Corporativo Bierstadel, Mexiko

For the whole family

At the moment we are sitting right in front of our containers with family and friends and really like their all-around quality.

Manfred Reichert, Metzgerbräu, Bad Staffelstein

My eyes were sparkling

During my tour I also visited some breweries in Franconia. At Metzgerbräu my eyes were sparkling with joy when I saw your pressure tanks in the Sudhaus ...!

Jan Schmidtborn, Vinotea, Stellenbosch, Südafrika

Enjoyable tanks

After our new cellar eventually has been equipped with Speidel tanks and is just waiting to be put into operation, I wanted to thank you for the excellent counselling and the wonderful team you had sent us for the installation of the tanks. Everything worked out wonderfully and I am convinced that we will be enjoying your tanks a lot.

Direktor Mag. Dieter Faltl, Wein- und Obstbauschule Krems

Dear Speidels

Dear Speidels, we would like to express our thanks for the support we received from you on the occasion of the ›150th anniversary of the Fritz Grossmann KG‹. Such a good, positive, pleasant, smooth and uncomplicated cooperation like the one we have experienced with your company is not always a given.

Michael Grossmann, Fritz Grossmann KG, Friedrichshafen

For 30 years

We have been ordering our wine tanks at Speidel's for over 30 years now. What once began as GRP tanks, step by step became stainless steel tanks. We are extremely satisfied with the variety of your products and their first-class realization. The simplified cleaning process completes their quality and reinforces the reputation of your company. These are the reasons why we have expanded our total tank volume over the years with more and more Speidel tanks. Today 90% of our total capacity consists of these tanks, from 325 up to 5.300 litres. The spectrum of our tanks ranges from transport containers to wine storage containers and red wine fermentation tanks. We thank the entire Speidel staff for their high-quality products and the wonderful cooperation.

Jürgen Oerther, Weingut Oerther, Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Recently, we were able to obtain an EU grant to purchase equipment for the production of mead. Your company was highly recommended by staff and faculty members of the "Lehrstuhl Brauwesen" of the Technical University of Berlin where my husband and I had practiced.

Gospodarstwo Rolne, Herr Micha Imbiorowicz, Powidz (Poland)


First and foremost, we got everything and they look damn sexy. Thank you guys for producing a fine product and thank you personally for all the help to get this brewery started. Hopefully we will be brewing the first beer next weekend. Maybe one day you can come up and see our tiny brewery. Prost!

Christopher Slawson MicroBrewery, Schweden

Gimme some more

We are working on finishing the first phase of the Cidery, and everything is going well. We would like to order another 6 or 8 – 675 liter tanks I am really looking forward of going to Germany to pick up the additional tanks!

Anders Britts, Östgötaslätten Produktion AB, Schweden

Details that make you happy

Our customer is very impressed with the quality of his new tanks. We won this order against stiff competition and the customer is pleased that he chose Speidel and Vigo.

Thank you for your flexibility in producing tanks to our demanding specification. The customer is very happy with every detail of his tanks – these are now the showpiece of his new bottling room.

Alex Hill, VIGO Limited, Devon UK

It’s just a hobby.

Many thanks for your call yesterday! I can confirm to you we have everything here that we ordered and we are very happy with everything from Speidel. My day job is making roulette wheels, that is true – but I have an ambition to make a great sparkling wine, that’s it! It’s just a hobby.

Richard Cammegh, Cammegh Ltd - The World’s Finest Roulette Wheel, UK

You are a Master!

You are a Master! Finally the equipment arrived to the University, really two or three weeks ago, but everything OK!

Fernando Freile A., FREILE Projects and Services Inc., Ecuador


Anyway … the tanks are great! We will most likely buy more of them in the future.

Snorri Jónsson, 64 Reykjavík Distillery ehf., Iceland

Fast shipping

The tanks have arrived in Sweden and everything is in order!

Marcus Lundmark, Klackabackens bryggeri, Schweden