We have been building barrels since 1912

Speidel is a medium-size enterprise in Germany. For generations we have been passionately manufacturing tanks and our long-time expertise has become second nature to us.

Our history

Speidel’s proverbial quality

We pay attention to clever constructions and perfect manufacturing. Our weld seams for example are as legendary as the accuracy of our man hole doors.

Our philosophy

Made in Germany

For us, "Made in Germany" is not just an empty phrase, but a lived principle. This is also reflected in our buying strategy and company policy.

Made in Germany

We tailor our tanks to your needs

Every company has different requirements and Speidel supports this diversity. Whatever kind of container you order, Speidel will tailor it to your needs! Just ask!

Consultation and contact

Conscious production and environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental compatibility have always been a natural part of our mission and responsibility towards our customers and the environment.