Produktion Edelstahltanks Ofterdingen

Our philosophy

Made in Germany – with everything it takes

We are a medium-sized, Swabian family-owned company manufacturing high quality tanks in the fourth generation. The company is located solely at the Ofterdingen headquarters. Without extended workbenches in Eastern Europe or cheaper raw material from the Far East, we are working together to secure and expand our jobs with appropriate performance, innovative products and investments in machinery, buildings, infrastructure and modern workplaces.

Stefan and Fabian Speidel in there factory in Ofterdingen
Factory worker in Ofterdingen

Every single one is important

As a Swabian company we feel connected to our roots and are creative, innovative and down-to-earth. The success over 4 generations proves us right and for over 100 years this has only been possible with good ideas and committed employees. Every single person in our company is important and can contribute directly to our success.


Last but not least, we are also aware of our social responsibility and meet our obligations in Germany. Thus a successful company also supports the location itself and contributes with its tax payments to the welfare of the community, just as it is with a medium-sized family business! We are proud of the achievements of our employees and our company with a genuine Made in Germany with everything that it takes!