Die sprichwörtliche Speidel-Qualität


Speidel’s proverbial quality

We already said it: Stainless steel tanks are bought by professionals, not amateurs. One of the key requirements of tanks is their longevity. After all, they need to be used for years to come. This is why we from Speidel pay so much attention to our products facilitating your day-to-day operations and guaranteeing permanent satisfaction. Just treat the tanks the right way and they will be companions for life helping you to save both money and time.

Some advantages of our tanks are visible to the naked eye. Many details – one of them being how easy they are to clean – will not be appreciated though unless you actually work with them. One thing is certain: Speidel tanks are worth every penny.

Because of their outstanding quality and reliability Speidel tanks have been sold for more than a century. Every day we at Speidel give our best and work hard for this legacy to remain. We only use vertified first-class stainless steel and even the invisible parts of our products are top-quality. To us, elaborate construction and perfect workmanship are a self-evident thing. Our weld seams are as legendary as is the fitting accuracy of our manhole doors.

For more information on our understanding of quality please visit our corporate website.

Certificates AD 2000

We are certified according to the guidelines for pressure equipment 2014/68/EU:

  • AD 2000 HP0 quality requirements according AD bulletins

Certificates EN ISO 3834-3

We are certified according to the guidelines for:

  • Standard quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials according to EN ISO 3834-3.

Regulation for food articles of daily use

The certification with the name “Regulation for food articles of daily use EU 1935/2004” is obligatory in the food sector; and Speidel’s internal quality controls take the regulation’s implications more than seriously!

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