Conscious production and environmental protection


Sustainability and environmental compatibility have always been a natural part of our mission and responsibility towards our customers and the environment. This is evident in the tanks we manufacture, in the production process and in our handling of resources.

Handling resources

We cover 25% of our electricity needs from our own generation. With our photovoltaic system, we produce a total of 670,000 kWh of electricity and thus avoid approx. 270 tons of CO annually.

That not only sounds like a lot, but it is. In the region, this makes us a pioneer and a good role model. After all, environmental protection concerns us all – with moderation, purpose and understanding.

The remaining part of our electricity requirements that we do not generate ourselves comes from renewable energy sources and is 100% CO-free green electricity. So there are no CO emissions for the production of a Speidel tank.

Of course, we use rainwater e.g. for container cleaning as well as our toilet flushing and keep pallets in the round for multiple and reuse.  The sum of these features and measures is unique in container production.

Spiegeloberfläche im Tankinnern

Eco friendly design

The design of our vessels and their individual parts avoid unnecessary welding seams. For example, the manhole, variable capacity rim and outlet bead are formed seamlessly from the starting material. This makes the parts very precise, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Each weld requires grinding, polishing or pickling. Every avoidance of a weld is a sign of quality and a contribution to environmental protection.

Our tanks are manufactured as standard up to and including 3.0 mm with the llld (2R) mirror surface inside the tank. This surface in connection with the perfect processing of the weld seams is extremely easy to clean. Chemical-free cleaning is possible and the environment is not polluted.

Through these measures we achieve an excellent quality of the tanks, which, in addition to advantages for the wineries and manufacturing, does not disregard the environment.


We do everything we can to make our tanks as durable as possible. Because what lasts a long time doesn't need to be replaced, and that saves raw materials and energy. And that in turn protects the environment.

That's why we source most of our primary material from Germany. This means reliable sources of supply and short delivery routes with the best quality. The quality of the raw material and the excellent workmanship show our attitude not to produce disposable products. Thus, we guarantee our customers lifelong enjoyment of our products if they are used properly.

Spiegeloberfläche im Tankinnern