Stainless steel tanks

Open top tanks

Not everyone can make a really leak-proof ever-full container – Speidel can. The secret is the perfect fit. Only when the container is very round does the floating lid seal airtight.

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Closed tanks

The proverbial Speidel quality is reflected in mirror-smooth inner walls and seamless welds. Our customers appreciate this at the latest when it comes to the much easier cleaning of our tanks.

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Tanks for mixing, transportation and storage

It is important to get your goods safe from A to B, be it lying, standing, on rolls or by means of a pedestal for forklift transportation. Speidel’s tanks for mixing / blending, transportation and storage are always the right choice.

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Mash tanks

The sophisticated technology and flawless workmanship of Speidel red wine mash tanks support the cellar master. Versatile control options enable individual and complex red wines.

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Pressure tanks

The good workmanship at Speidel is very reassuring, especially with the pressure tanks.To ensure that the corks only pop when they are supposed to, each individual pressure tank is also tested and approved by the German TÜV.

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Black Eye

A stainless steel fermenter that combines the advantages of the egg shape with the advantages of a stainless steel tank and a special look.

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