Advantages of our stainless steel containers

Tanks made with passion


Anyone who buys a stainless steel container is not a beginner, but a professional. You want and need to be able to work with it properly – for years. It's a good thing that the high quality of our tanks makes them so durable, because with the right care you should be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. That's why we can give you a 25-year Speidel tank guarantee with a clear conscience.


Bei der Konstruktion unserer Tanks achten wir darauf, Toträume zu vermeiden. Die Sicke im Oberboden und Unterboden sorgen für eine optimale Entlüftung und Entleerung. Große Eckradien sowie Aushalsungen sorgen dafür, damit nichts hängen bleibt. Mit den steigenden Anforderungen und Vorschriften ist die Hygiene noch viel wichtiger geworden. Dafür sind Speidel-Behälter einfach perfekt.


Zur effektiven Temperaturregelung versehen wir unsere Behälter mit einem lasergeschweißten Doppelmantel. Die Doppelmäntel werden bei Speidel selbst hergestellt und halten einem Betriebsdruck bis 6 bar problemlos stand. Aufgrund der einfachen und sicheren Installation werden unsere Tanks von führenden Kühlgeräteherstellern empfohlen.


Stabile Füße mit breiter Umschlingung und optimaler Krafteinleitung sorgen für hohe Standsicherheit.

Made in Germany

The Speidel family business has been around for 111 years. Now in its fourth generation, Stefan and Fabian Speidel are building on Swabian virtues at their site in Ofterdingen. Durable, high-quality containers are manufactured here that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


At Speidel, we make sure that our products make your daily work easier. Highly smooth inner walls and perfect weld seams minimise the build-up of tartar or impurities and simplify cleaning. The tanks are easy to clean even without chemicals. This is an advantage that will make you happy every year.


Our tanks are so precisely manufactured that a Speidel manhole door fits on every Speidel manhole. The manhole door has a vulcanised, tasteless and alcohol-resistant seal and seals reliably. All containers undergo a final water filling test at the factory to ensure quality and warranty. In addition, the dimensional accuracy is almost identical from tank to tank. You can rely on Speidel quality.

Environmentally conscious

Not only quality, but also environmentally conscious production is important to us. We cover 25 % of our electricity requirements from our own generation and thus avoid approx. 270 tonnes of CO2 every year. The remaining part of our electricity requirements, which we do not generate ourselves, comes from renewable energy sources and is 100 % CO2-free green electricity. This means that there are no CO2 emissions for the production of a Speidel container.


We do everything we can to make our containers as durable as possible. The quality of the primary material and the excellent workmanship reflect our attitude of not producing disposable items. Because what lasts a long time does not need to be replaced, which saves raw materials and energy. That is why we source most of our raw materials from Germany. This means reliable sources of supply and short delivery routes with the best quality.

Tragegriff Speidel Zisternen aus Kunststoff


In terms of production and cleaning, these are probably the most sustainable tanks currently available on the market, saving you time, money and resources in subsequent operation. With automated processing and welding machines, we ensure the best price-performance ratio. Compared to other tanks, a Speideltank pays for itself within the first few years.