Storage, transportation and stacking tank ST-T


Versatile stacking

Speidel’s ST-T tank for storage, transportation and stacking is truly versatile. Up to three of the tanks can be stacked on one another even when filled. Yet, with the appropriate supplementary equipment they allow even more applications. If ordered for example with mash door and double jacket, the ST-T is ideally suited for the processing of mash.

The stable stainless steel framework is accessible from 4 sides by forklift / pallet truck. To guarantee even higher safety during transportation by forklift the tanks have additional fork lift receptacles that can be accessed from underneath from two sides. By default, the top end is made of AISI 316 material.

Standard accessories

  • Tank shell and tank bottom are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R), marbled outside
  • Tank top made of AISI 316 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R), marbled outside
  • Vaulted tank top with lifting lugs
  • With filler neck 400 mm, flap lid with external spring clip seal, with stainless steel vent neck NW 50 DIN 11851 with sealing cap
  • Vaulted tank bottom with discharge outlet external thread NW 50 DIN 11851
  • With stable stainless steel framework, accessible from 4 sides by forklift / pallet truck
  • Additionally accessible from 2 sides with forklift receptacles 120 x 60 mm, internal dimension shape 114 x 54 mm
  • Stackable a maximum of 3 filled tanks


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1,000 litres

Application range


  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Maturation
  • Fermentation
  • Processes

Ideal for


Here you can download various pdf files with detailed information about product versions, dimensions and accessories:

Wine/Sparkling wine/Spirits

Beer/Mixed drinks