Schnapps you will enjoy

Distillery Prinz, Austria

Distillery Prinz has been using the treasures of nature to produce distillates that offer the highest fruit pleasure since 1886.

Since good can only come out of good, the quality of the fruit is decisive for the success and quality of the end-product. For the most part, the Distillery Prinz gets its elderberries, gentian, rowan berries and masterwort from different production areas around the Carnic Alps. The area around Lake Constance with its mild climate, however, is best for the cultivation of apples, Williams pears, plums, quinces, cherries as well as other types of fruit. The mild temperatures, cool and rough nights, natural irrigation and the heat-storing lake offer perfect conditions for fruit.

“Apart from the good price-performance ratio, it was the sophisticated Speidel innovations that convinced me.”

Thomas Prinz

Distillery Prinz is all about top quality and consistently high standards, from the acquisition of the raw material to distillation, from the storage of the distillates to their naming. The fruit, berries and worts are processed in the cleanest and fastest way possible. State-of-the-art fermentation tanks and distillation plants help the Master Distiller to maintain the conditions to the extent that he can exclusively concentrate on the distilling process. Before being bottled, the middle cuts mature in perfect storage containers like stainless steel tanks, stoneware containers, demijohns and wood barrels. In fact, Distillery Prinz carefully considers each step on the way to get a “schnapps you’ll enjoy”.

Besides the processing of high-quality raw material, it is the use of modern equipment that mainly contributes to the preservation of the high quality of Prinz’s products. For generations, both the Distillery Prinz and Speidel have been bound by tradition and technological progress. The most advanced technology and manufacturing devices as well as a highly skilled staff guarantee the maintenance of the products’ consistently high quality.

In 2004, Distillery Prinz acquired its first mash fermentation tank at Speidel’s. In the meantime more tanks have been purchased and now Prinz has all possible sizes of process tanks and storage tanks. What spoke in favour of Speidel was the excellent quality of their products. “In addition, it was important for us to choose a manufacturer who produces locally, because we place special importance on that”, Prinz says.

All clients and visitors are invited to experience the glass distillery first hand. Distillery Prinz is looking forward to answering all questions around the distilling and storage of schnapps as well as the right way of enjoying it.
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