Everything else is just beer

PrinzenBräu, Liechtenstein

PrinzenBräu is the southernmost small-scale brewery of the Principality of Liechtenstein. What once began as pure hobby has now become a respectable brewery whose owner Peter Eberle has passionately committed himself to the search of the best beer.

The decision to brew his own beer was taken due to a called off journey. Frustrated, Eberle decided to participate in a workshop about brewing. That got him hooked and he invested in a 50 litre Braumeister set. After a big Bierfest and very positive comments about his beer, he decided to become a commercial brewer and in March 2010 he eventually founded PrinzenBräu whose enthusiastic fan club has been growing steadily ever since.

Eberle talks of his passion with an enthusiasm that is almost contagious and that can be tasted in his beers. The self-made brewer has already found 30 distribution partners for his beers in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In addition, an online shop permits the customers to easily and conveniently order from home; a service which has been embraced even from the farthest locations.

In order for him to offer and advertise his beer to a broader public, yet also simply because he wants to have a good time, Eberle organises an annual PrinzenBräu-Bierfest. Right from the start, the PrinzenBräu’s in-house beer cellar was packed with enthusiastic participants and the annual "Fest" has become a highlight Eberle wants to preserve in the future.

All PrinzenBräu beers are unfiltered and bottled unpasteurised. The range of the brewery’s products comprises the pale "Naturblond", "Weizen" (wheat beer), "Altbier" (ale) as well as a stout named “Monarch”. For connoisseurs, every year the noble brandy “Spiritus” is distilled from a varying combination of beers. Furthermore, Eberle brews a beer for a big catering service which the caterer sells as private brand.

The big variety of products Eberle offers is rather untypical for a small-scale brewery. According to Eberle, however, his wide range of products gives him opportunities and “opens up doors which otherwise would remain closed”. Eberle is in constant search of new products. “There are so many recipes. The art of brewing lies in improving half-baked ideas to the extent that the beer eventually deserves its name. What it needs to achieve this, is sure instinct and a great palate, along with endurance and some failed brews, until the recipe is perfect.”

“The cooperation with Speidel just adds up. Their staff don’t try to sell you just "anything". They really care for their clients and provide a professional consulting service.”

Eberle has been an enthusiastic Speidel customer since he got his first 50 litre Braumeister. “The cooperation with Speidel just adds up. Their staff don’t try to sell you just "anything". They really care for their clients and provide a professional consulting service” the Liechtensteiner explains. “The Braumeister sets are technically flawless. Their quality is unbeatable. They are simply brilliant.” Eberle also praises the quality and easy cleaning of the pressure tanks. In addition, he describes the service Speidel offers as excellent and uncomplicated. “I once had a faulty pump, a product I had gotten from a supplier. Without further ado, Speidel replaced it; and they even did so unbelievably fast.” This confirmed his decision to remain faithful to Speidel also in the future.

Meanwhile, Eberle’s first small 50 litres Braumeister, still in use today, has seen some mighty changes: today, Eberle also owns a 200 and 500 litre Braumeister. In short: PrinzenBräu is Speidelland! All of the brewery’s pressure tanks and fermentation tanks come from Ofterdingen. Since the demand for Eberle’s beer by far exceeds his capacities, he recently ordered new Speidel tanks, aiming at a production volume of 40.000 litres per year.

The Liechtensteiner is convinced of Speidel products and supports the guys from Ofterdingen actively. His persuasive power is compelling. “I once had a group of Irish visitors here”, he says. “At the end of the day they were all so impressed by the Braumeister sets that they ordered one for themselves immediately after their return to Ireland.”
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