Serendipity Cellars, Kalifornien, USA

A Happy Coincidence

Serendipity Cellars, California, USA

Serendipity Cellars is the passionate result of Bryan and Michele Lucay creating a whole line of quality wines from the rich soils of Brentwood, California. Her love for wine and ultimately for her own winery came about through a happy coincidence which gave the cellar its name.

More than eleven years ago, the two career changers started with their own winery, which they acquired more or less by chance. Initially, the cultivation of grapes was practiced and tested in the front yard at home. But over time, Bryan became a passionate winemaker with ever-growing expertise.

The construction of today's Family Vineyard, which began in 2019, rounds off the long-awaited dream of the two wine lovers. The sun of California in self-filled wine bottles with labels reminiscent of the 50s: Michele herself adorns the labels in a "pin-up look" and rounds off the small but very individual wine range.

Bryan Lucay
Bryan Lucay
Der Verkaufsraum von Serendipity Cellars

Everything with love and passion and with the help of family and good friends, the winery with its sun terrace and its own lake creates a great and relaxed atmosphere.

From classic wine tasting to BBQ, weddings and numerous other events, the Serendipity winery presents itself in all its facets and is definitely worth a visit.

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“The highest quality and craftsmanship of the Speidel Tanks was my deciding factor in using Speidel for my wines." says Bryan Lucay. "The high polish on the inside of the tanks makes cleaning very easy and saves time and money. My tanks were built to my specifications during COVID and with all the shipping problems around the world Speidel made it happen and had the tanks delivered on time for our 2021 harvest. I would not hesitate doing business with Speidel“