Speidel Edelstahltanks im Weingut Weber, Ettenheim

Modern wine-growing estate

Wine-growing estate Weber, Ettenheim

Founded in the 1970s, the wine-growing estate Weber is a relatively young enterprise. The company stands out due to its passion for wine and the fine selected culinary delights which are served in the affiliated tavern.

In the past two years Weber has invested in the new construction of their production facility. The new building was designed to express Weber’s passion for wine and the company’s respect for the surrounding nature. The building blends, indeed, perfectly into its natural surroundings, characterised by vines and walnut trees. Large grasslands which allow a stunning view of the mountains and the Rhine valley convey the impression that one is sitting right amidst the vineyards. The cellar of the new building was built into the mountain. This guarantees a constant temperature all year round and provides perfect natural conditions for a truly noble wine.


Weber’s wine-growing estate is a typical Burgundy house. The main grape varieties are Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. “We make sure that the quality originates right from the mount. Essentially, all we have to do is preserve it in the cellar”, Weber says.

The wines of the estate are characterised by their refreshing fruity aroma which reminds one of green apples and pineapples. For such wines, stainless steel tanks are the perfect storage location. The company produces long-lasting wines which guarantee long-term pleasure. 90 percent of the nearly 140.000 litres of wine produced by the estate are attributed to the category of selection premium wines.


At present, the estate is planning to increase production. The idea is to cultivate 20 hectares in the future. “We still have some room in our cellar. Of course, we would like to fill it with additional tanks”, winegrower Weber explains, emphasising that also any future wine would appertain to the category of selection premium wines.

All tanks of the estate come from Speidel. Already before the construction of the new building the company utilised smaller Speidel tanks which are still in use today. “These tanks offer very individual possibilities which allow us to produce smaller quantities”, winegrower Weber says. “The older, smaller tanks convinced us due to their high quality. Once we had tested and tried them it was clear to us that we would use Speidel tanks also in future.”


“Speidel tanks are unbeatable! We did have other tanks from other producers before. Yet, the ones made by Speidel are miles ahead.”

“Speidel offers tanks that impress through excellence and precision”, Weber explains. “Speidel tanks are unbeatable! We did have other tanks from other producers before. Yet, the ones made by Speidel are miles ahead”, he explains further. “The best example are the small doors of the manways. Before, we always had to pay attention to the various lids of the various tanks in order for us not to confuse them and to close the right tank with the right lid. Now we realize what a difference good workmanship makes. Often, it is the small details that can tremendously facilitate everyday work.” In addition, it was the tanks’ reliable heating and cooling system that played a decisive factor in Weber’s choice.

Already during the planning phase of the new building Speidel and the estate were constantly exchanging ideas. “It was great! I sent Speidel the construction plans and they helped me to plan the capacities. Their suggestions were extremely helpful”, Weber says. The ambitious winegrower was pleasantly surprised when some Speidel representatives and the company’s president himself came to the grand opening of the new building. “I was very pleased to see them. It showed me that they were not only interested in selling, but in a long-term cooperation.”
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