Major project in Austria

Winery Baumgartner, Untermarkersdorf/Austria

In May 2016, the winery Ing. W. Baumgartner in Untermarksdorf, Austria, was equipped with a new tank facility. The new facility consists of 23 tanks with container sizes from 50,000 to 300,000 litres and the accompanying walkway system. The new tank facility has a total capacity of almost 1.8 million litres.

With currently 193 ha of vineyards, Baumgartner is one of the largest wine-growing enterprises in Austria. The company has existed for eleven generations and has almost traditionally received the highest awards in national and international competitions, such as Mundus Vini.

The tanks suitable for the fermentation and storage of white and red musts, mashes and wines were manufactured on our state-of-the-art welding facilities in Ofterdingen and on site in Austria. They offer the winemaker a high level of comfort. According to today's state of the art, the individual tanks are equipped with completely piped pillow plates. In addition, flooding (reassembly) is possible during mash fermentation. Walkways were used for the convenient and safe operation of the tanks.

The individual tanks were lifted to the right place with a crane even before the hall was covered with a roof. The modern tank system was developed and realized through extensive consultation and project planning in coordination with the Baumgartner winery.