Neubau der Kellerei Deveney-Mars

The Speidel showroom

Domaine Deveney-Mars, Puligny-Montrachet

The Winery Deveney-Mars was founded in 2015. In a very short time, the winery has made a good name for itself and after less than ten years, the already have a solid customer base in all parts of the world. In Asia, especially in Japan, a large, loyal clientele has already formed.

Jérémy Mars, the owner, welcomes us to the newly built winery building in Puligny-Montrachet. The winery works exclusively according to organic guidelines. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand. For this, the winery has a stable team of seasonal workers who like to come back every year.


Jérémy Mars, owner and cellar master of the Winery Deveney-Mars
Jérémy Mars, owner and cellar master of the Winery Deveney-Mars

It all started in 2014 in a small room in Beaune, 15 metres long and equipped with two tanks and a press. In 2015, Jérémy Mars joined forces with Lionel Deveney. Both share a passion for viticulture and the goal of founding their own winery. The tasks are clearly distributed: Deveney takes care of the marketing of the wine, Mars is the master of the wine cellar and is in charge of the vinification. He puts his heart and soul into it and is still happy today that the dream they shared has become reality.

From 2017, the winery was at home in Bligny-lès-Beaune on 320 square metres, but even the larger rooms were quickly outgrown. Therefore as early as 2020 they considered building something of their own, in which the wine cellar, warehouse and office would be concentrated in one place. The plans quickly took shape and construction began in the summer of 2021. The new winery was completed in July 2022.


The new winery looks like a Speidel showroom. Walls and floors all in black, on top of which stand 35 new Immervoll tanks in various sizes, all from Speidel, all with a black double jacket, and everything is arranged symmetrically. This not only looks very classy, but also shows that the planning was done by someone who knows exactly what they want. In fact, the good cooperation during the planning was also one of the reasons why Jéremy Mars chose Speidel. "Only Speidel could supply me with high-quality tanks with black double jackets."

Quotations were obtained from various tank manufacturers for the fit-out and it quickly became clear that Speidel was the choice. Not only because of the black double jackets, as Mars points out, but above all because of the good planning, the short response time and the willingness to accommodate special requests. "Speidel makes the container exactly the way I want it," Mars enthuses.


Die neue Kellerei sieht aus wie ein Speidel-Showroom

»There were no problems and no negative surprises.«

He likes the fact that the tanks have "great quality but no unnecessary frills", but instead score points with well thought-out solutions that show Speidel understands winemakers. Mars shows the doors of the ever-full tanks as an example. With other manufacturers, the door hinges consist of two screws that have to be loosened with spanners, but with Speidel it is a pin that can simply be pulled out to remove the door. Moreover, every door fits perfectly on every tank. With other manufacturers, you have to do a bit of balancing to get the door to close, says Mars with a wink, "but with Speidel everything fits".


This was Jérémy Mars' first Speidel container

A single 1000-litre transport tank still stands in the wine cellar. It was Mars' first own Speidel tank. He sold all the other tanks when he moved, only keeping one Speidel tank - for old times' sake, even if they were less than ten years ago.

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