Weingut Zimmerle, Korb im Remstal

Full throttle is the only way

Winery Peter Briem, Ihringen-Wasenweiler, Germany

The winery Peter Briem is located in Wasenweiler, on the southern edge of the Kaiserstuhl, Germany. In 1977, the late Peter Briem took over the winery from his grandfather. His son Frank Briem joined him after completing his training as a master cooper. Father and son worked together with tireless dedication, a willingness to take risks and a vision to make the winery bigger and better known. With success: over the years, just one hectare became 115 hectares of vineyards.

In the vineyard
In the vineyard

Frank Briem now runs the family business with his wife Heidi Briem and seven employees. Together they take care of the cultivation, development and marketing.

As is usual in the Kaiserstuhl region, the focus is on Burgundy. The range consists of 90 percent Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Regional wines such as Müller-Thurgau as well as classic and premium wines such as Auxerrois and Cabernet Sauvignon also enrich the range.

The Briem family's recipe for success includes quality and a spirit of innovation. One example of this is their "wine of the future" - Souvignier Gris. This is a fungus-resistant grape variety that requires less treatment and can therefore be processed very gently. The wine tastes similar to Burgundy, but is spicier, herbal and stronger.

»The quality and the surface of the tanks is so smooth and so great that no tartar sticks to it. You get the tanks perfectly clean.«

However, high standards apply not only to the selection of their grape varieties, but also to the choice of containers. The Briem winery switched completely to Speidel stainless steel tanks a long time ago. The last purchase was made in 2021 as part of the major expansion of the winery. The Speidel tanks hold a total volume of 1.4 million liters. No wonder, because Frank Briem feels he is in very good hands with Speidel: "The quality and the surface of the tanks is so smooth and so great that no tartar sticks to it, you get the tanks perfectly clean."

Speidel Edelstahlbehälter in den Halle des Weinguts Zimmerle in Korb

The smooth surfaces and cleanly finished transitions to the bases are particularly noticeable when cleaning without the use of chemicals and preferring to clean with steam: "The containers look like new after steam cleaning."

Frank Briem is grateful for the considerable time saved during cleaning and for the expertise of the Speidel team, for which he has clear words: "Tip-top! We are very satisfied and happy to have such a partner."

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